(Some of) the people who make
this adventure possible


Meet Anne Lindgren. Elder sister.
Co-Founder of byLindgren
Aged 39. Married with Mads. Mom to Mathilde (13) and Mikkel (9). Educated nurse and school nursing. Caring, Creative and a judge of character. Main responsible for Sales (B2B) and Lead Designer in byLindgren.


Meet Katrine Lindgren. Little sister.
Co-Founder of byLindgren
Aged 33. Married with Kenneth. Mom to Agnes (7), Emil (6) and Aksel (0). Educated cand. Oecon. Number cruncher, strategic and full of ideas. Mail responsible for SoMe, Finance and General Administration of byLindgren.


Meet Mia Daa.
Head of Marketing and Customer Support
Aged 25. Living in Aalborg. Educated bachelor in Digital Concept development with a AP degree in Marketing Management. Creative and likes a busy schedule with room for social coffee breaks. Head of marketing.


Meet Line Rysholt.
Administration and our flexible all-around
Aged 39. Married with Kasper. Mom to Luka (10) and Felix (5). Educated pedagogue but also have a background as tailor and textile designer. She helps with many things among other tailoring tasks, warehouse tasks and customer support.

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