Danish designed Outerwear for kids with high functionality and Nordic roots

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"We dress children practically perfect in quality outerwear that is timeless but innovative, functional but fashionable with differentiated details for all ages and genders.

Because style is a matter of personality. And personality matters!" 

♡ Anne & Katrine Lindgren
Sisters, moms and entrepreneours

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We are Anne & Katrine Lindgren


In the summer 2015 we founded byLindgren. The beginning of a turbulent, wild and fun entrepreneurial adventure.

We have, like so many mothers, always bought thermo -and rainwear as a practical must-have for our children's wardrobe. But why should you have to choose either practical or neat? Functional or fine? That's the question we've given ourselves a thousand times, and the answer should have been given: You should not!

The idea of turning the compromise into a boat-and was the focal point for byLindgren. We believe that children´s natural movements and outdoor play should not be limited by being dressed beautifully.
.byLindgren´s jackets have the function of being both practical and beautiful at the same time. They are durable for any purpose - everyday and for everyone.

With love for timeless and simple cuts, and with roots in a strong Nordic design tradition. The colors are Nordic, calm shades to ensure a balanced and color-coordinated look. The design is differentiated between girls and boys, and targeted the individual ages, where fine lines and details emphasize either the chic and elegant look or the cool and classic look.

byLindgren's collection is quality tested by the Danish Institute of Technology to ensure that the clothes meet the high standards and standards we make.
Similarly, environmental and allergy are one of our priorities, and we have a range of Oeko-Tex certified fabrics in our collection. Furthermore our clothes have an ecological water-repellent impregnation - based on a flour free recipe.

The essence of byLindgren




What we love is simplicity; Current apparel that goes for all colours, styles and tempers. A minimalistic and classical wardrobe in subdued and continuous tones that matches everything, everyone – everyday.



We believe that all children should not be dressed the same way. Style is a matter of personality. And gender. And age. Therefore, our collection is differentiated between ages and genders as a response to boring unisex styles and identical jackets for all age.

Find your own and unique byLindgren style!


Everyday Apparal

Our outerwear is multifunctional and much more than a practical must-have in every child’s wardrobe. It is basically one jacket to all occasions for everyday use as well as clothes for best. It is fashionable and functional too.

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