Our collections consist of UPF50+ swim wear, buttery soft and comfortable thermo/quilted wear for ultimate isolation, rainwear and in-between season jackets with high waterprofness, winter jackets, baby wool as well as matching accessories. #byLindgren #anyday #allday #allweather

  • 61 products
    Rain Wear  Light weight, breathable and waterproof outerwear with high waterproofness and taped seams. Our Polyester fabric is soft as butter...
  • 76 products
    Quilted / Thermo Wear FASHIONABLE & FUNCTIONABLE ☁️ Multi-layered quilted outerwear for high isolation. A must-have for children during Spring and Autumn. 🍂  Use...
  • 45 products
    Simple, warm & soft as butter ♡ Simple. warm and soft oeco-tex accessories that match the thermo-/quilted wear and rainwear...
  • 9 products
    Match your mini ♡ Join the latest trend and match your daughter, son or little loved ones in a classic and...
  • 21 products
    Merino Wool 🐑 The softest wool for babies. Size 1M/50-56 cm - 24M/92 cm ♡  Wool has many good properties and is a...
  • 64 products
    Winter jackets for children It's great to play outside in the fresh air, and of course it applies all year...
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